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SIMPLE Tip To Make Your Meat Tender! (the best tender meat marinade recipe)

I have tried so many things to make the meat more delicious. . . but I always had the same problem: I wanted the meat to be more tender! Since I got dieting and we all started to eat healthier in our family and switched from pork to beef, this problem became even more obvious. My kids did not really want to eat the meat any more…
So I spent quite some time on reading and talking to other women to find out what they do to keep the meat tender and soft. And now I know the secret!
The secret is in the marinade (obviously) –
and the trick is to add KIWI in it!
But here comes the warning – and you MUST know this:
you can not keep the kiwi in your marinade for longer than 20 minutes (up to 15 for chicken). Otherwise, you will not be able to pick it up from the pot as it will transform into a dough-type mess :)
So the simple marinade recipe that I now use, and we all LOVE it:
Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper
Marinate the meat with these ingredients for 1 day (do not skip this step – you do need to keep it marinating for so long, otherwise you will not have that delicious taste).
Then, when you are getting ready to grill or cook your meat, add in the kiwi sliced in pieces, mix it in and leave for 20 minutes (15 for chicken).

This recipe is very healthy and delicious

SIMPLE Tip To Make Your Meat Tender! (the best tender meat marinade recipe)

Meat, SIMPLE Tip, Meat Tender

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