for valentine’s day


No bake cheesecake trufflesI think I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but Trey is a cheesecake kind of guy. Most of our vacations together so far have involved room service cheesecake at some point.
It’s hard to compete with room service cheesecake. Not because it’s necessarily the best cheesecake. I think it has something to do with the fact that you just pick up the phone, and then thirty or forty-five minutes later it magically appears outside your hotel room. 
Room service cheesecake is magic.Cheesecake trufflesThese cheesecake truffles are a little bit magic, too. There’s no baking involved. Actually, there’s really no “cooking” to speak of. This isn’t really even a recipe, more assembly instructions. And the lesson I draw from this is that sometimes magic = convenience. 🙂How to make no bake cheesecake bites1.) Use a box of no-bake cheesecake and follow the instructions to make it. I added cherry pie filling to the top. You could choose to add whatever you like: strawberry pie filling, jam, Nutella, or keep it plain. Once you’ve made the cheesecake, wrap it in plastic wrap and place in the freezer for at least two hours, or overnight. 2.) Use a melon baller to scoop out balls of frozen cheesecake. The key is to scoop a little bit of crust, cheesecake, and topping in each bite. 3.) Melt some candy melts according to the package. Use a spoon to carefully dip the frozen cheesecake balls in the melted chocolate. If your bites get too warm pop them back in the freezer for ten minutes. They are much easier to dip if they are frozen. 4.) Top with a drizzle of white chocolate or sprinkles. Chill until you’re ready to eat.Cheesecake bitesI placed my cheesecake truffles in mini baking cups so they’d look a little bit more professional. You could easily wrap these in a small box to gift to a friend or your crush. Just remember that cheesecake should be refrigerated over longer periods of time, and be sure to consume these within a week. Enjoy! 

for valentine’s day


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