tasty dish

Something that is already amazing just got infinitely better.
Guacamole 10
I adore guacamole. Give me a tub and I’ve got dinner. Sometimes I like to have a little chip with my dip, but it’s honestly just to look civilized.
I’ve seen other recipes that use peas to lighten the caloric load of guacamole, but peas add their own distinct and frankly undesirable taste and texture. Not too mention extra carbs. Here you won’t even notice the kale, or the lowered calories and extra nutritional vitamin goodness that comes along.
You’ll be too busy swooning over your indulgent gucamole snack. Or dinner. No judgement.
Guacamole 8
Set out your ingredients and bask in the fresh produce of this glorious season.
Guacamole 1
Process the ingredients in your beloved Magimix, which at this point has become a member of your family. (Easter was really fun this year. )
Guacamole 2
Enjoy it with your favorite dippables.
Guacamole 7
Or off a spoon. I regret nothing.
Guacamole 4
You are so pleased with yourself for whipping up this brilliant concotion (you can totally take credit in front of your guests) that you buy yourself the greatest pair of shoes ever because dang it you’re worth it.

tasty dish

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