Wild Truffle Mushroom Risotto

Cooking at Sabrina's

Who doesn’t love risotto, especially when there are fancy mushrooms and truffle oil involved.

Wild Truffle-Mushroom Risotto| cookingatsabrinas.com @sabrinascooking

When I found an array of beautiful mushrooms at my local market, I snatched them right up. Then I remembered it’s been a while since I’ve made risotto and mushrooms are such a classic addition.

Wild Truffle-Mushroom Risotto| cookingatsabrinas.com @sabrinascooking

I was never much of a fan of mushrooms when I was young, but part of that could’ve been because I was mostly exposed to the button mushroom. Nowadays, I love any kind of mushroom, but the flavor and textural variety between different types are so vast, you mushroom haters out there might have a change of opinion one day. Or at least, I hope you appreciate how cute those tiny enokis are.

Wild Truffle-Mushroom Risotto| cookingatsabrinas.com @sabrinascooking

No matter which mushrooms or vegetables you add to your risotto, this creamy rice dish is so incredibly comforting and satisfying without actually adding any cream! It’s all about the constant…

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