Pistachio Ice Cream

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Cooking at Sabrina's

Pistachio has to be one of my all-time favorite ice cream flavors.

Pistachio Ice Cream | cookingatsabrinas.com @sabrinascooking

And wow. It’s so so much better homemade. Sooo much better.

It’s surprisingly simple to make, too. One key piece of equipment to make this happen (besides an ice cream maker, of course) is a good food processor. Once you create the pistachio paste, you’re halfway there to an awesome ice cream.

Pistachio Ice Cream | cookingatsabrinas.com @sabrinascooking

One necessary ingredient for that quintessential “pistachio taste” is actually almond extract. Just a little bit, because it can be quite overpowering if you overdo it. If you’re more into a pure flavor from the nuts, simply omit the almond extract and add a splash of vanilla instead.

Another optional ingredient is the food coloring. I typically am against using food coloring, but if you want this to look pistachio ice cream (especially for the sake of photos), I suggest added a drop or 2 of green…

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